Only Human by Moya Garrison-Msingwana

Only Human is a collection of Illustrations and other adventures in 2D design. 


Moya is a Toronto born artist and Illustrator with a BDES from OCAD University. Being of mixed background Moya has a unique perspective on the world. With a large list of influences, his work explores many themes rooted in pop culture, the supernatural and the absurd. Subverting everything from simple daily interactions to social issues. Showing a deep infatuation with form and character his art whether zines, comics, murals, editorial illustrations, sculptures or doodles often features the human body and its relationship with the world around it. Proficient in traditional painting and digital rendering, his painterly and loose style is easily identifiable and engaging. Regardless of the media he attempts to establish a relatable, humorous and critical forum for audiences of every sort.

Contact: moya@onlyhuman.space

Instagram: @GANG.BOX

# 647-609-1241 (Only Serious Inquiries Please)



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